Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A few Lillian Moments!

Lillian loves to pretend she knows how to dance polynesian. As Dad was getting ready to do a luau she got all decked out & did her hula. She loves to tell people she was born in Tonga & is a Hawaiian girl. We work on switching it around, at least she gets the gist of it.
Lately, she has been coming to me asking me for homework. I write a few sentences on a paper and then she copies them. She does well in copying, just refuses to remember her letters. I'm sure she will pick it up in school. The sentences are: I love swim. ant on ball, & Lillian loves daddy.

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Amanda said...

I love how her and Fehi seem to be at the same stages! It'd be nice to get together sometime and see how much our 2004 babies have grown! Too bad we all live so far apart.

I like how Lillian is proud of her Tongan heritage. Fehi is anti-Tongan right now for some reason. Is Sekona teaching Lillian some Tongan dances?