Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Some family moments!

Here is Sekona with his arms full of sleepy children! As soon as I pulled out the camera, Sekona opened his eyes! A nice Sunday afternoon!
Sekona's future MVP! Makelani loves talking to his dad when he gets home from work.
A trip at the mall and Makelani was talking about what was going on around him. Also, happy to be up and about.
Lillian smuther's Makelani! No matter what is going on, Lillian has to sneak in a kiss every few seconds! She has even been talking how she wishes she could marry Makelani, because then family will be still together. After explanations she know understands, still even with constant reminders to let her brother sleep and to leave him alone her response is always: I can't help myself he is just soooo cute!


Naufahu Family said...

Soooo Cute...Congrats on the little one!!! He is so cute.

Jill said...

I was so excited to see him finally!!! Congrats to you both! I am about to have another baby too and the pic of you on the table made me remember all of that! ahhhh - not looking forward to that part - but isn't it so worth it????

Deborama said...

Awwwww sweet baby! I love all your family pictures at the cabin in ID. I bet you guys are having too much fun with a baby in the house, riding around in boxes! :) She looks gorgeous, all decked out Tongan/Hawaian! :)she looks bigger now?!!! Did she get taller over night? I keep saying "she" and "he" in fear of mispelling their names! :) You guys look great!