Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A few moments of Lillian!

Here are just a few comments or reactions from Lillian:

Saturday night we were heading out. Sekona went to retrieve something from the pickup and I said, "Daddy is hot!" Lillian, "Daddy isn't hot?!" "He isn't?" Lillian, "No Daddy is cool!" "You don't think he is hot?" Lillian, "Daddy's not hot, he isn't sweating. He is cool!"

Sunday the Primary President was giving a talk in Sacrament. I was trying to get Lillian to sit still, lower her voice and trying to listen to the talk. Sister Morgan was saying something about Primary shouldn't be the sole teaching and that the home should be, something about how children should know how and where they should be and telling parents that as they are out in the halls to question youth on if they should be in the halls and where they should be and then gave the following example. "A few weeks ago, I was roaming the halls when a Sunbeam, Lillian Taufa, came running around the corner. She immediately stopped, her eyes got huge, pointing behind her and said, "My teacher is behind me." Sure enough around the corner came Sister Abrahms and the rest of the Sunbeams. Lillian knew was suppose to be with her teacher." As soon as Lillan heard her name her eyes got huge and in a silly voice said, "That's me. I'm Lillian Taufa. She's talking about me. Oh man!" The Mendez family in front of us were giggling with her responses.

Monday, Lillian and I were discussing and I don't even know what about, but the end conversation was "We're all Tongans." I said, "All of us." Lillian, "Yea, Daddy is Tongan. I'm Tongan. Mommy is Tongan." "I'm Tongan. I didn't know I was Tongan." Lillian, "Yea, I'm Tongan because of Daddy and you're Tongan too."

Welcome Home Mom and Dad!

It was great to be at the airport anxiously awaiting the return of Mom and Dad from their mission to Moscow, Russia. It seemed that this mission took longer than when they were on their mission in Australia, and they were only gone for 18 months this time and not 2 years?! Maybe because I wasn't so limited on being able to call them when they were in Australia (we had cheaper phone charges then) than in Russia. Still, it was great to have them come home! What a wonderful example they continue to be to me and the grandkids! To know their love of the gospel, that their testimonies are strong, and that they are willing to serve the Lord. I am sure Mom is wondering if she should head back, since I call her almost everyday on any little thing?! All I can say is Welcome Home! Welcome Home! Love you tons!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Memories, what memories?!

I'm not expecting too many comments on this. As you've noticed I haven't given too many people my blog site, but fair game is fair game. I left a comment and so should post these instructions.

1. As a comment on my blog leave one memory that you and I have had together. It doesn't matter if you knew me little or a lot, anything you remember. You can include Sekona and/or Lillian.

2. Next, repost these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Just Thinking

Can I say how much I dislike titles? I never was any good at it in school?! I have been checking other blogs and trying to determine which type or way am I going to blog. There are those who put thoughts and feelings, surveys, pictures, interesting stories, journaling, and so forth. I do more emailing than blogging, so most would already know what is going on. Still, it is interesting to see the pictures and know what is going on that isn't put in email. So I guess I could do a mixture of all.

Friday, July 25, 2008

That was fast!

As mentioned previously Sekona headed to California and then to Salt Lake City to play tennis, so Lillian and I headed to Jenny's. We arrived on June 26th and Jenny had a pleasant suprise by going into labor on Saturday and then having a healthy son on Monday. (Since she wasn't to have the baby until the scheduled C-section on July 8th!) There were a few trips to the hospital as Jax wasn't released as soon as we would have liked. The kids loved seeing Jax though and couldn't wait for him to be home.

Lillian loved being around her cousins!! Molly and Lillian had a love-hate relationship. They were either defending each other or attacking each other! Still, if they had to spend time apart they were in the deepest of woes and couldn't wait until they were back together again. (One night I took Lillian to town to have a little time away and Molly came running up and said, "Remember to come back!". Another time Molly and the family were going to visit Jax as a family and Lillian went up to her in tears saying, "You have to come back. Don't forget to come back home. I'll be here waiting!") We visited with Jerry's and Peter's family as well. Christine and ShaRee were impressed with Lillian's swimming skills. Molly got some scissors down and Lillian cut Molly's, Mikaydi's and her hair! That didn't go over too well, especially since Jenny was excited to show Mikaydi last curls before they were gone. A few were able to be salvaged, but not what was on the agenda.

Mom and Dad came home from their mission in Russia and we were there to greet them!!! It was lots of fun to see Mom and Dad again. Sekona came up for it and Lillian was glad to see her Daddy again!!! Only she didn't want to go home with him yet! Sekona would ask if he should take her back with him. Her response, "No daddy! I have to stay with Molly for ever and ever and then I go to Granny's!" Yes, Granny was kind enough to take the three younger ones to spend a few nights with her and Papa! I believe they had quite the adventure with Molly, Lillian and Mikaydi! I had a wonderful time holding Jax when he was finally released from the hospital! What a special little guy! Soon it was time for Lillian and I to head back and where did the 3 weeks go! It was a whirlwind of activity!