Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Complaint first, then what we are having?!

I don't know about other people, but I am not looking forward to the "universal" healthcare or reform or whatever the government is calling it these days. I am so fed up with the discussions being all about only the Republicans fighting this loosing battle and how anyone against it is a loser. Obama has more power than I thought he would have to control the media coverage so well regarding this healthcare. Most people are against it. Still, those are my feelings and with having problems with State insurance how in the world would I ever support government runned insurance. So, let me get to the problems of State insurance. I feel that if I gave up my citizenship I would not be having any of the problems that I am having now. If I pretend not to speak english, maybe things would be covered. In my interview I informed them that my private insurance was ending on June 30th. They inform me that with my lay off I should have no problems getting on insurance for my pregnancy in July. Only to be informed that my husband miraculously makes $200 extra for the month of July before dropping down to what is reported in June and August. So I am not qualified for July coverage. Then in August they give me a coupon that isn't paying for my prescriptions because I am informed I have private insurance. SINCE WHEN? I INFORMED THEM THAT I NO LONGER HAVE IT?! I finally get that straightened out, only to go get my DIABETIC medicine and be informed I have to pay $50 for 3 of my 5 prescriptions. Can't afford it. Call the state again and they approve the 3 prescriptions. Go and try to pick up the 5 and only can pick up the 3 because only 3 got approved. Now, when I call them they tell me that I need to have a doctor's note explaining why I need these prescriptions, then take it to the pharmacy so they can input the correct codes and then the State will recognize that I am a DIABETIC. I can't inform them that I am a diabetic and just because I am having only diabetic prescriptions they can't figure out for themselves that I am a diabetic. And people want a "universal" healthcare. It will be soo much worse than this.

Now for the good news. Sekona, Lillian and I went for a ultrasound (which I personally hopes get paid for with all the problems I have been having with State). It was in Portland at 7 am. We got there in plenty of time. The ultrasound tech called us in. Started the ultrasound and asked if I was feeling the baby kicking. I told her off and on. Now knowing the tech was doing most of the imaging from lower on the abdomen than I remember Lillian was, I recognize the kicks a whole lot more. The heart looks great, sounds great and the chambers were fine. The baby was moving all the time and was making the ultrasound tech work for the pictures. We saw the head, brain, arms, legs, abdomen, heart, lips, face, spine, skeleton. Sekona and Lillian enjoyed seeing the baby move. Lillian asked if it was ready to come out now. She can't wait for it to be here. The tech told us we are having a BOY! We are excited and apparently Lillian was right from the beginning. She has been telling everyone that she was getting a brother from the start. Now I just have a hard time waiting for the time to pass, since Lillian asks practically everyday if he is ready to come. If she wouldn't ask so much it wouldn't be on my mind so much.