Saturday, July 18, 2009

News update!

I guess it is time to let all know that I am pregnant. I am 4 1/2 months, will be due on December 17th. Lillian is telling everyone it is a boy, but we do not know what it is yet. She gets in these moods of where if her frends (who are boys) or boy cousins play too much together and not much with her, she then decides it will be a girl. I have an ultrasound on the 10th of August and hopefully the baby or doctor will be cooperative. Sekona is excited and has told everyone that he can that we are expecting. He gets in these moods where he won't let me exercise then tells me to exercise and then tells me not to do anything hard or for that long at the gym. I am trying water aerobics and think I have finally found one that is close to when Elizabeth taught in Hawaii. I was offered a bumping position, but it was for a lot less hours and no benefits. so I declined. So far the pregnancy is going well. I just feel like a blob, tired and that is nothing new.